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Microscope Focus

3.5X-90X LED Trinocular Stereo Microscope W/ Pillar Stand Steel Frame Focus Knob


Leica Microscope Spot / Focusing Lens PN: 006963


AmScope Large Rounded Microscope Table Stand with Focusing Rack


White Double Arm Boom Stand for Stereo Microscope Tube Mount 76mm Focus Block


10447255 Microscope Boom Stand w/ Weighted Base Equipped w/Adjustable Focus


Prior Pro-scan Microscope Motorized Stage And Focus


AmScope Large Square Microscope Table Stand with Focusing Rack


Meiji SZ-FA20 Focus Block Holder for Stereo Zoom Microscope EMZ Series


OMAX Double-Arm Stereo Microscope Boom Stand Heavy Duty w Focusing Racking 76mm


AmScope Articulating Arm Clamp Table Stand, Focusing Rack for Stereo Microscopes


OLYMPUS SZ-STB1 Microscope Focus Drive Carrier / Holder - 76mm.


AmScope FR-A70 Stereo Microscope Focusing Rack


Adjustable Microscope Boom Stand Assembly w/Focusing Arm Mount


AmScope Articulating Stand w Post Clamp and Focusing Rack for Stereo Microscopes


Articulating Arm Microscope Stand + 76mm Focus Rack E-Arm


Prolite No. SZ-FA20 Double Arm Boom Stand for Stereo Microscope Focus Block


AmScope TS100-FR Super Large Microscope Table Stand with Focusing Rack


AmScope Microscope Table Stand with Butterfly Base, Long Post and Focusing Rack


Nikon Stereo Microscope Focusing Mount Smaller ID


Heavy Duty Microscope Double Arm Boom Stand, 76mm Focusing Rack, 380mm Post


76mm Microscope Table Track Stand, 280mm Length, 115mm Focus Distance, LED Light


Leitz Wetzlar Microscope Focusing Lamp Housing With Stand Base


Heavy Duty Microscope Single Arm Boom Stand, 76mm Focusing Rack, 390mm Post


AmScope FR-A3 Stereo Microscope Focusing Rack with Pin-Tail


Nikon Labophot2, Optiphot 2, Diaphot 200, TE200, TE300 Microscope Focus Gear


Vickers Microscope Head Microplan 25 63 4 Objective England Focusing Instrument


76mm Microscope E-Arm Focusing Rack, Focus Distance 50mm, Coarse + Fine Focus


2X Carl Zeiss Microscope Eyepieces, 10x 18, One is Focus Adjustable




76mm Microscope Focusing Rack Inclinable Focus Drive, Coarse Focus


Olympus Microscope SZX-FOF Coarse and Fine Focus Coaxial Handle


Leica Thumbwheel Microscope Focus Control


Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom Binocular Microscope Focus Mount Ring Rack + Boom Arm


N Adapter Microscope Focusing Rack, 50mm Focus Distance, 5/8inch Diameter




Nikon SMZ Microscope Focus Drive 62mm Head Holder Bracket Used Working


Stereo Microscope Boom Stand, Focusing Mount 3" Ring Base: 15.25" x 10.25" 20"T